Conference & Workshop Presentations (selected)
Extracting the Future: Military Environments and Reproductive Injustice. Paper presentation, Conference “Beyond Militarism”, University of Cambridge (September 2022)

Settler Colonial Infrastructures and Affective Borders: Palestinian Women’s Erasure from the Israeli Fertility Economy. Paper presentation at the “Powers of Erasure, Erasures of Power: An Interdisciplinary Conversation about Science, Technology and Society” Workshop, STS@UCL (May 2022)

Feminist Epistemologies//Rethinking Gender Workshop, informal think-piece & discussion,  Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL (May 2022)

Making Kin and Making Population: Towards Reproductive Futurity on a Planetary Scale. Paper presentation at the meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Toronto/online (October 2021)

Making Live, Letting Die, or Foreclosing Birth? Interrogating the Israeli Settler Colonial Fertility Economy. Paper presentation at the Concerning Palestine/Israel: Thinking with Achille Mbembe Symposium, organized by Academia for Equality, online (September 2021)

Topographies of Bodies, Borders, and Reproduction: Repro-Politics in Palestine/Israel. Paper presentation at the Sexuality and Borders Symposium, New York University (April 2019)

Clinical Encounters: The Construction of Israeli Fertility Clinics as Utopian Non-Places. Paper presentation at the 2018 Postgraduate Bioethics Conference (PGBC), King’s College London (July 2018)