Conference Presentations & Workshops

“Critical, Speculative, Otherwise: Towards a Sociology of Refusal and Repair”, BSA Annual Conference “Sociological Voices in Public Discourse” (2023)

“Inseminating Resistance? Bodily Matter(ing) in the Case of Sperm Smuggling in the Occupied West Bank”, Conference “Territorial Bodies” (2023)
Past (selected)

“The Hospital as “Terra Nullius”: Medical Neutrality and the Political Conditions of Israeli Settler Colonialism”,  Sarah Parker Remond Centre’s “Colloquium on Race, Ethnicity, and Postcolonial Studies”, UCL (2022).

“Extracting the Future: Military Environments and Reproductive Injustice”, Conference “Beyond Militarism”, University of Cambridge (2022)

“Settler Colonial Infrastructures and Affective Borders: Palestinian Women’s Erasure from the Israeli Fertility Economy”, Workshop “Powers of Erasure, Erasures of Power: An Interdisciplinary Conversation about Science, Technology and Society”, STS@UCL (2022)

Photography by Ink Agop, ©️ Creamcake